Discontinuing Student Checklist

Student's Name *
Student's Name
Stop student's reoccurring payment and terminate autopay in Mindbody
Remove teacher's and student's names from designated time slot in Instructor Schedules. Highlight time as available but leave student's name and add "Avail on X/X (date) and bold text
Delete weekly recurring even for the week following the student's last lesson in Mindbody
Email teacher notifying them their student will be discontinuing and include date of last lesson
Email personalized canned response "Confirmation of Discontinued Lessons" to student/parent and have them fill out withdrawal form online: www.cincinnatischoolofmusic.com/withdraw
Add to Monthly Enrollment Tracker-Discontinuing Column
Check if student is enrolled in Musical Ladder. If the student is having a test before their last scheduled lesson, highlight that cell in RED in the Musical Ladder Spreadsheet. If student is quitting before a scheduled test, remove that test date from the spreadsheet.
Refund for remainder of month or prorate next month's tuition
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