To register online, please follow this easy 3 STEP process:

  1. Fill out and submit the form on the right with the STUDENT'S NAME (not parent). The email address you enter will be used for our automatic scheduling, cancellation, and billing/receipt notifications

  2. Once logged in, please pay for one $45 registration fee per student using our online store

  3. If you are making a profile for more than one student (such as for yourself or another child), please log out and come back to this page and submit a new form. PLEASE NOTE: you can use the same email address, but you will have to choose a unique password for each new student profile

  4. Please review and sign our school policies in the top box of the page for each student you are registering:

IMPORTANT: Please keep the boxes to the notifications checked. This is how we update our students and parents to cancellations, scheduling changes, and important updates about their lessons and the school.


  • We will contact you to confirm a recurring weekly lesson time!

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