We are thrilled that you are interested in participating in our recitals! Recitals are a fun, but important milestone for each student to work towards tangible goals and to show their progress.

  • How do I sign up for a recital? Teachers sign their students up for recitals, depending on their progress. Please ask your teacher if you are interested, and they will give you guidance. If you are not quite ready yet, no worries! The next recital is right around the corner.

  • Please submit a NEW form for each instrument, per student. For example, if you are performing a piece on piano and also on guitar, please send in two separate forms.

  • Spaces are limited, and recital signup times are first come, first serve. Each performer may bring a maximum of 4 guests to the recital.

VOICE STUDENTS: There will be a $30 non-refundable piano accompanist fee charged prior to the recital, which covers compensation for time spent preparing the music, one dress rehearsal, and the performance.

INSTRUMENTALISTS: - certain instrumentalists such as violin, cello, or clarinet may also require an experienced accompanist. Please speak with your teacher about whether you will need an accompanist for the recital.

  • The $30 accompanist fee will be charged prior to the dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal with pianist will be on a date/times TBA, but are typically held the Friday eve of the recital weekend at our Montgomery location.

  •  Please note: If you require a CSM staff accompanist to accompany you in the recital, attendance at the dress rehearsal is required to participate in the recital. If you miss the scheduled dress rehearsal, it will not be rescheduled and your spot in the recital will be canceled.  If your teacher is accompanying you in the recital, then it is not required to sign up for and attend the Friday dress rehearsal.

2019 Recital Schedule 


2/17/19 - Sunday @ Anderson - open to all


3/16/19 - Saturday @ Anderson - open to all


4/27/19 - Saturday @ Anderson - open to all


6/1/19 - Saturday @ Anderson - open to all

6/2/19 - Sunday @ Anderson - open to all


TBA - Saturday @ Anderson - open to all


TBA - Sunday @ Anderson - Honors